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Critical Issues Beyond Your Image – Numbers more important than the number of your Followers.

Those in the broad Creative Industry, even those in the Screen Actors Guild, come across unusual business challenges during their career.

Photo by Ayodeji Fatunla

One such financial challenge is that income might not always be steady from year-to-year effecting ones need for security like, life insurance and savings. This can require special planning to enable the artist to meet their financial responsibilities. CovantNYC is partnered with financial professionals that provide a holistic financial planning approach which addresses this challenge and allows each client to maintain their focus on what truly matters to them: their family, career and their incredible talents.

Many simply don’t have the critical knowledge or strategies they need to build wealth for a retirement that could last 20 years or more.

■ Examine how the wealthy avoid the impact of taxes on their retirement income. ■ Discover a powerful concept for how to prevent your money from ever running out. ■ See how far off your income protection, savings, and retirement strategies may be now–and how you can get them back on track.

Select here: The Big Question and get the answer to the question every person in the creative space should know.


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