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African Designer - Mike Sylla Senegalese Excellence in Style at Harlem Week

Mike Sylla is an African designer from Senegal. Prior to this Harlem Week 2022 fashion show, I had never heard of him or seen these types of designs.

CovantNYC with Mike Sylla

Photos by Will Adams

I had to laugh at myself for a brief moment while photographing the show; I was looking at the designs more than shooting. No really, seeing his work is an experience. I’m not necessarily qualified to commentate on fashion, but I know amazing when I see it. The combination of colors, materials, images, even cuts for me seemed electrical to a certain degree.

Mike Sylla’s collection here at Harlem Week featured designs for women. The styles were very modern yet elegant. I’m really eager to see what he has up his sleeve in future works. It’s obvious that it will be something to covet. Click the following link to see more of his designs shown at the Harlem Week 2022 Fashion show.


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