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Remember the Most Beautiful Day of Your Life

Formal Fee $1700.00
Our top of the line bridal package. (No time limit on photography.) You will receive up to 130 pictures, an 8x10 Deluxe photo album and a proof album.

1-16x20 1-11x14
12 8x10
16 5x7

Bouquet Fee $950.00
Our most popular bridal package. (No time limit on photography.) This package includes up to 115 pictures. From these photos, selections for the following may be made:

12 8x10
10 5x7

Rosette Fee $775.00
Our modest bridal package. (A maximum of five hours of photography services is included in the package price.) This package includes up to 125 pictures and a proof album. Selections from these photos will be made for the following:

2 8x10
6 5x7

Petite Fee $725.00 **
Our inexpensive bridal package. (A maximum of four hours of photography service is included.) This package provides up to 125 pictures with proof album.
Enlargements are additional upon request.
** (Local weddings only)
All wedding packages include images on a Master high resolution
Memory Drive and an online presentation of your images made available to your family and friends.
Prices may vary, due to your photo-album selection


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