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Harlem Week 2022 Talent Galore

Harlem Week 2022 had a full roster of talent from music to the film industry. Here are a few of the many faces I was able to photograph this year.

CovantNYC with Trai Byers at Harlem Week 2022 on the mainstage

Photography by Will Adams Actor Trai Byers

Most of us know actor Trai Byers from the popular TV show Empire. He's now one of the cast members of

The Piano Lesson Play on Broadway starring the Academy Award winning actor Samuel Jackson.

More icons from the music industry at Harlem Week 2022, Kenny Lattimore, the music group Allure, the infamous DJ Red and Funk Flex. Joey Harris is young but a veteran to the industry; Janet Jackson and Beyoncé's consulting camp. He introduces the 2 new talents Kaira and Miles Hardamon.

Rapper Wyclef Jean

Rapper Wyclef Jean

Also from The Piano Lesson Play we had on set actors April Matthis and Michael Potts with a classic performance from Freddie Jackson. G. Keith Alexander was one of the hosts for the entire Harlem Week experience, photographed here with Music Director and Producer Ray Chew After years of watching news anchor Cheryl Wills on NY1 News, I was able to meet her behind the scenes at the Harlem Week 2022 - Great Day in Harlem concert.


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